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Deloitte Big 4 Accounting
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Accounting Finance Women's Alliance
Higher Ed Accounting Careers
IRS Accounting Careers

Welcome to The Abacus Show, where top thought leaders, teachers, and accounting professionals share their experience to help you become a top performer, and take control of your career.

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"Finally, an accounting podcast that isn't boring..."

What other accountants are saying about The Abacus Show

Great production, thoughtful interviews, and insightful guests - NOT what I expected from an "accounting podcast." Keep those episodes coming, Bob!
-- jazic1

Like the variety, insightful notes from the host, nicely edited and I learn something new from each episode.
-- TheLifestyleAccountant

Great podcast for college students pursuing a career in accounting
-- VC11592

Finally a great podcast for accountants!
-- MarizaAbroad

Massively listenable, helpful, and easy to digest.
-- Sfan991

Very well done, smooth format and professional. Lots of info, a great listen.
-- Maggie20156

A high energy and well produced podcast.
-- camshaftcollins

This podcast is everything you need.
-- baddriver9599

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