CPA Exam Requirements: Are You CPA Eligible?

The requirements to become a CPA include an education requirement, a difficult professional licensing exam, ethics training, and professional work experience. Specific requirements vary by state, so visit your state’s Board of Accountancy before beginning your CPA journey.

  • Education requirements: At least a bachelor?s degree and 150 credit hours (including relevant Accounting courses)
  • Pass the Uniform CPA ExamđŸ˜•
  • Complete the AICPA Ethics exam
  • Accounting work experience, supervised by a CPA

What is the minimum age to become a CPA?

There is no minimum age requirement to become a licensed CPA in most states. New York and Missouri are the oddballs that require candidates to be 21 to be eligible for a CPA license (not usually a problem for college grads).

CPA Residency Requirements

Most states allow anyone to sit for the CPA Exam and apply for a CPA license. A few states require you to live or work in there. Check your state’s Board of Accountancy for local rules.

CPA College Course Requirements

Every state has different education requirements. Check with your state?s Board of Accountancy as soon as possible, or discuss with your school?s career counselor and accounting professors. Don?t skip this step or you could find yourself a credit short of being CPA eligible on graduation day.

Most states require you to have completed 150 credit hours before starting the CPA exam. Some are more lenient, and let you start testing with 120 hours (then require the full 150 to complete your CPA certification)