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Accountant Resume Tips

How to write a resume that gets the job (from skills and objectives, to samples and examples)

Why Most Resume Advice Is Wrong

Have you ever stopped to think about who's writing the resume advice articles you read online?

Maybe you know they're not written by professional accountants. But they must be experts of some kind, right?

Not exactly... most of these so-called experts have never worked in accounting, never written an accounting resume, and never hired for their own accounting and finance teams.

They're just professional bloggers writing as many articles as fast as they can to make money.

I just Googled "accountant resume advice", and the top results couldn't be worse if they tried. Here's a few examples of really bad advice from just the first two search results:

  • Purple text with a confetti background image (seriously)
  • Spending half the page on useless 'graphs'
  • Bullet points as far as the eye can see
  • Huge, colorful icons for achievements, certifications, or software skills
  • Suggestions for improving your objective statement (hint: just remove it)
  • and a whole lot more...

No wonder so many talented accountants still have a hard time finding a new job. You have shady 'career advice' websites practically sabotaging you every step of the way.

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The Easiest Way to Fix Your Resume

I've created a comprehensive course that walks you step by step through every aspect of resume writing. Inside I share everything I learned as a CPA searching for my own jobs, and a recruiter working with hundreds of accountants like you.

The Accounting Resume Builder is the easiest and fastest way to become a resume expert. Guaranteed.

Not only that, but it also includes my Accounting Resume Template so all the hard stuff like formatting, layout, font, and design are done for you.

It's perfect for anyone who really wants to really learn how to craft a professional resume that gets noticed. That's a skill set you'll need the rest of your career. If that's you, click here to view the course.

No worries if you're short on cash, or just don't need that level of expertise yet, keep scrolling down this page. I'm going to answer all your questions and help you fix your resume today.

If your résumé looks a little sloppy... what would employers think your work product and correspondence to clients would look like?

Accounting Resume FAQ

Get real answers to your accounting resume questions from a CPA and former Accounting & Finance recruiter

Question: What's the best resume font?

Answer: The best resume font is simple and professional. You can't go wrong with Times New Roman or Arial. Click here to learn more about choosing the best font size for your accounting resume.

Question: Where can I download an accounting resume template?

Answer: A professional resume template is a quick and easy way to write a great resume. Be sure to get one that's designed for accountants. Focus on a template with proven results, and avoid anything colorful or flashy. Click here to download the Accountant Resume Template

Question: Resume vs. CV, what's the difference?

Answer: They're just different words for the same thing. In the US, we call it a "Resume". Most of the rest of the world calls it a "Curriculum Vitae" (CV). Since most people on this site are Americans or working in the United States, we call it a resume.

Question: What's a good accounting resume objective?

Answer: Skip the objective statement and save that space to include more important information on our resume. Resume objectives are mostly fluff, and don't have a place in a modern accountant's job search.

Question: Where can I find accounting resume examples for 2020?

Answer: Good news! The best resume format doesn't change much from year to year. Accountants like simple, classic resumes that are easy to read and understand. Get examples and step-by-step instructions for transforming a mediocre resume into one that gets you more interviews with the Accounting Resume Builder course.

Question: How do I include my certifications on my resume?

Answer: You worked hard to earn your CPA, CMA, CFE designation. Now it's time to benefit from showing it off on your resume. The obvious way is to include it after your name, right in the header. But there's one more thing you need to do. Watch this short video to see examples of how it's done.

Question: What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Answer: Have you ever tried to manage your client's PBCs out of your email inbox? It's a mess. So CPAs created file upload sites, audit software, and client portals to help. HR has something similar, called an applicant tracking system (ATS). A basic ATS lets you send your resume to a company, and stores the file for recruiters to look at later. They make it easier to keep track of everyone that applies for a job.

Question: How do I get past resume screening software?

Answer: Hiring managers use screening software to help find great candidates among hundreds of applicants. The best ways to get your resume through to a real person are to use the right file format (MS Word doc) and include the right keywords. There's two full video lessons showing you how to master both (and the worst mistakes to avoid) inside the Accounting Resume Builder course.

Question: How often should I update my accounting resume?

Answer: Always have a current resume ready to go. You never know when a recruiter or former coworker will reach out with a great new job opportunity. Read more: How to keep your resume up to date

Question: Do I need to customize my resume for every job application?

Answer: In a perfect world, yes. But that's not practical, and the law of diminishing returns kicks in pretty fast. Your best bet is to create a custom resume for each type of job you're applying to. So if you're leaving public accounting and applying for both Senior Accountant and Financial Analyst roles you'll need two versions of your resume. They'll be 80-90% similar, except you'll highlight different skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to each role. Discover the best ways to highlight your accomplishments and get more interviews inside the Accounting Resume Builder course.