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Hi, I’m Bob and I host The Abacus Show.
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“Finally, an accounting podcast that isn’t boring…”

What other accountants are saying about The Abacus Show

Massively listenable, helpful, and easy to digest.
— Sfan991

Like the variety, insightful notes from the host, nicely edited and I learn something new from each episode.
— TheLifestyleAccountant

Great podcast for college students pursuing a career in accounting
— VC11592

Finally a great podcast for accountants!
— MarizaAbroad

Great production, thoughtful interviews, and insightful guests – NOT what I expected from an “accounting podcast.” Keep those episodes coming, Bob!
— jazic1

Very well done, smooth format and professional. Lots of info, a great listen.
— Maggie20156

A high energy and well produced podcast.
— camshaftcollins

This podcast is everything you need.
— baddriver9599




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