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It's OK To Try Something Strange


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In This Episode...

Learn why your career won't be linear, why it's important to try something new, and why failing won't be fatal. Caleb Newquist (Going Concern) went from public accounting to writing on the internet. Today he's the editor-in-chief of one of the largest accounting industry news sites in the world, and he shares what he's learned along the way. Then, I'll tell you about the hidden risks of staying at your current job too long. All in this episode of Abacus. Let’s Go!

  • Are you too afraid of making career mistakes?
  • Why your career path won't turn out the way you planned.
  • How Caleb went from Big4 staff to Going Concern founder.
  • Coaching Note: The biggest career risk most people aren't talking about.
  • BONUS EPISODE: Content Marketing Tips for Small Firms.
I think too many young people are just afraid of making a mistake.Abacus: Season 2, Episode 1

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Featured Guest: Caleb Newquist

Founder/Editor-In-Chief at Going Concern

Accountant-turned-journalist Caleb Newquist started his career in public accounting but quickly decided it wasn't a good fit. But his career took an unexpected turn when he started venting about his job, the economy, and the accounting industry on the web. Hear what he's learned over the past 7 years of running one of the largest accounting news sites in the world.

Say Hello: @cnewquist | @going_concern
BONUS EPISODE: Content Marketing for Small Firms (How to get started today)

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