Burnout in Public Accounting: Warning Signs and How to Get Help

Burnout in public accounting
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Burnout in Public Accounting: Warning Signs and How to Get Help


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In This Episode...

Suffering from burnout in public accounting? Stress & resilience coach Paula Davis-Laack opens up about a topic that's still taboo in the accounting industry, especially during busy season. Learn how to recognize and deal with burnout. Then, in today's coaching note, I'll tell you about an easy way to gain more free time and reduce stress when you're putting in long hours at the office. All in this episode of Abacus. Let’s Go!

  • How to recognize burnout (including the 3 signs you may be burning out).
  • Can you talk to your boss or peers about burnout?
  • At what point do you go from normal busy season stress to Burnout?
  • How do you cope with burnout?
  • The real cost of burnout for large accounting firms
  • Coaching Note: The easy (and cheap) way to buy back your free time.
It took me quite a while to diagnose what I was going through…was actually something called burnout.Abacus: Season 1, Episode 6

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Featured Guest: Paula Davis-Laack

Stress & Resilience Coach

Today Paula Davis-Laack is a stress and resilience coach specializing in helping people with burnout. But if wasn't so long ago that she was suffering burnout herself. It wasn't until it landed her in the hospital that she decided to quit her law firm and focus on helping others in the same situation.

If you think you might be suffering from burnout, head on over to her web site. Check out the free resources she's created including a an ebook, and blog posts. And if you need more help after that, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Visit Paula on the web
Follow Paula on Twitter: @PaulaDavisLaack

Coaching Note: Outsource Your Life Next Busy Season

Let's imagine for a moment. You have a magic clock which allows you to buy time. You can use that time for anything you wish. Sleep more. Play with your kids. Have dinner with your friends. Read a book. Spend time with someone special. Anything.

How would just a few hours a week improve your life this busy season? How much would that extra time be worth to you?

You won’t find a magic clock, but I can show you the next best thing. It’s not only possible, but incredibly simple to buy literally back your free time.

Outsource Your Life

I used to think hiring someone to clean my home or wash my clothes was a luxury. I'm not rich. I have student loans to pay! How could I "waste" money on such things?

Then I tried it. I made busy season just a little less busy. I'm happier, and healthier. And it's some of the best money I ever spent.

Some friends still ask how I can afford it. I always answer that question with my own, "How much would you pay to spend an extra hour playing with your kids? Or reading a novel? Or with your significant other?"

Does $10-15/hour sound fair? Because that's about what it costs to buy one hour of your time. To me it would be a bargain at twice the price.

Getting Started Is Easy

I’m all about actionable advice. So here’s a few simple ways to buy back your time and make busy season a little better this year.

  1. Wash & Fold Laundry - Call you local laundromat or dry cleaners and ask if they offer "wash & fold" service. You'll never fold laundry again. Cost: $1-2/lb.
  2. Amazon recurring shipments - Skip the store and schedule deliveries of the stuff you use most. Buy diapers, toiletries, or non-perishable food items on autopilot. Plus, you get a discount for using the service. A few items I'm buying this year are Snack sized almonds, Breakfast bars, and Coffee. Price: Free.
  3. Groceries - Even in busy season, you gotta eat. But grocery shopping takes time. And it’s a hassle. Get groceries delivered right to your door instead. Peapod has been around for a while, and newcomer Instacart is making a splash by going to any store in your area to pick up exactly what you want. Price: Price of groceries plus a small service fee or tip.

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