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Careers in Media Revenue Reporting


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In This Episode...

There's a lot more to an accounting career than tax/audit. Ever wondered what your career options are? Discover new and unique career paths with me as I find accountants with cool jobs and ask them to tell you all about it. Today Andrew Rosen works with almost every major Radio and TV station in the country. Find out how he got there, and the lessons he learned along the way. All in this episode of Abacus. Let’s Go!

  • Learn about an accounting career path you never even knew existed.
  • Partner Andrew Rosen shares his non-traditional career path, and what he’s learned along the way.
  • How to stay a step ahead of your clients' needs.
  • How a small-medium firm became the national leader in media revenue reporting.
  • Other cool stuff going on at Miller Kaplan (from celebrities to royalties).
  • Coaching Note: When is job hopping ok? And how do you know when you should stay?
You don't have to be a tax guy or an audit guy... If you think outside the box you can accomplish a lot.Abacus: Season 1, Episode 5

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Featured Guest: Andrew Rosen

Partner, Media Revenue Reporting at Miller Kaplan Arase LLP

Andrew Rosen is a CPA, but he didn't follow the traditional public accounting audit/tax career script. Today he’s a Partner in the Media Revenue Reporting group at Miller Kaplan Arase LLP. And I’ve asked him to stop by and tell you about his current role, and how he got there.

I first met Andrew when I was working in the radio industry. I bet you didn't know that every major radio company in the US uses Miller Kaplan reporting as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

This is the first interview in a series where you’ll learn about a new, exciting, or unusual accounting career path. Don't get discouraged if public accounting, or corporate tax isn't for you. There are lots of great career opportunities for Accountants.

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