Leaving the Big 4? How To Maximize Your Value

Leaving the big 4 for another job

Want to leave the Big 4? Learn the three areas where you can maximize your value when leaving the Big 4, and how to decide which company culture is right for you. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

It’s OK To Try Something Strange

Accounting career advice

Learn why your career won’t be linear, why it’s important to try something new, and why failing won’t be fatal. Caleb Newquist (Going Concern) went from public accounting to writing on the internet. Today he’s the editor-in-chief of one of the largest accounting industry news sites in the world, and he shares what he’s learned along the way. Then, I’ll tell you about the hidden risks of staying at your current job too long. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

How to Become a Local Firm Tax Partner

Accounting firm tax partner

Mario Lucibello made the switch from Audit to Tax, and now he?s a Partner at a small firm in the New York metro area. Find out how he got there, and the lessons he learned along the way. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

Careers in Media Revenue Reporting

Accounting careers in revenue reporting

There’s a lot more to an accounting career than tax/audit. Ever wondered what your career options are? Discover new and unique career paths with me as I find accountants with cool jobs and ask them to tell you all about it. Today Andrew Rosen works with almost every major Radio and TV station in the country. Find out how he got there, and the lessons he learned along the way. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

Accounting Career Tips: Be Nice to Recruiters

Accounting Recruiters

Recruiter Cold Calls – You seem to get them constantly when you’re not looking for a job, but never right after you’ve been laid off. In my younger years I was a bit of a jerk to the accounting/finance recruiters. I’d rudely hang up, or tell them to leave me alone. But now I’ve gone through a few job searches.?I’m … Read More

How to Find Accounting Jobs on Indeed.com

Accounting Jobs on Indeed

Finding the best accounting/finance jobs can be?tough. Have you tried using Indeed.com to help find the best roles? Not only is Indeed easy to search, but according to SilkRoad, Indeed produces 50% of external hires. Twice as many as CareerBulder, LinkedIn, and Monster combined. Indeed is so useful because of its large job database. This makes it both a wonderful … Read More

27+ Accounting Career Resources for Busy CPAs

Accounting Career Helpful Links

Hey fellow accountants — Do you want to be the best, no matter where your career path takes you, but don’t know where to start? I?ve done the hard work for you, and collected the top blogs, podcasts, books, and videos to help you at any stage of your career?- Whether you’re a seasoned CPA, or fresh out of school. … Read More