Why You Need a Professional Resume Writer

I had an argument with my coworker the other day…

It?s so expensive?
Why would you pay someone to do that when you could do it yourself?
Honestly, it?s not that hard once you know what you?re doing?

But I wouldn?t budge…

I think it?s worth a few bucks to save myself the time, energy, and hassle of changing my own oil.

I?m not a mechanic, and it makes a lot more sense for me to defer to an expert when it comes to fixing my car. I?m confident I could learn to change my own oil. It would just take time and practice. But I prefer to spend my time on more productive things like family, friends, and golf.

I work hard all week, and it?s worth it to me to pay a professional a little money to take care of my car for me. Does that make me lazy? Quite the opposite. It allows me to focus my time and energy where it will have the most benefit in my life.

Do You Change Your Own Oil?

The fact that there?s a Jiffy-Lube on every corner proves I?m far from alone.

You probably hire a professional to change your oil or fix your brakes. You already understand the value in hiring an experienced professional for certain tasks. You value the peace of mind that comes from knowing a job will be done right.

Your career is more important than your car. Doesn?t it make sense to consider asking for professional help in your job search, too?

Invest In Your Career

James is an accountant. He?s been at his company for 4 years. His current salary is $55,000/yr and he knows he could get a promotion, and a 15-20% pay bump by finding a new job.

Assuming he only increases his salary by 10%, James will still earn an extra $5,500 this year.

Any investor would kill for the chance to buy a $200 stock that goes to $5,500. It?s like buying Google in 2004, or Microsoft in the 80?s. Yet we?re often hesitant to make the same investment in our own careers.

Don?t be afraid to bet on yourself. It will pay dividends in the long run.

Toot Your Own Horn

Don?t think you?ve done anything special at your job? Hate taking about yourself because it feels like bragging? Does everything you do seem average because you don?t have others to compare yourself to?

Sometimes it?s hard to talk about your amazing work experience, achievements, and strengths.

No matter how average you think your work has been, odds are you?ve had some significant workplace responsibilities. The key is to partner with your resume writer so they can ask the right questions and dig deeper to discover these resume gems.

The added bonus here is that discovering these accomplishments by working with your resume writer is great interview practice. You?ll have a solid list of accomplishments to talk about every time you interview, and you?ll better understand your weaknesses, and how to discuss them with your interviewer.

Is Hiring a Resume Writer Right for Me?

As much as I believe in the power of a professional resume, hiring a professional resume writer isn?t for everyone. Here?s a few cases where professional resume services might not make sense.

You Already Have Tons of Interviews

Have you spent the past six months networking your way into the perfect job? Do you have a family member or college roommate who hooked you up with an interview? Have you already scheduled the interview for your dream job?

If the answer is yes, then you can probably get by without a great resume. The purpose of a resume is to land you an interview. If you?ve already landed an interview for your dream job, there aren?t a lot of reasons to spend the time and money on a better resume right now.

Spend your time learning how to interview. Practice, practice, practice and ace the interview!

You Enjoy Doing It Yourself

Are you the type of person who likes to do everything yourself? Then you?ll probably enjoy researching and learning how to write a resume. You?ll take great pride in knowing that you did it yourself, without anyone?s help.

Think this describes you? Cool, you’re the type of person who will love this course that will show you step-by-step exactly how to help you write your own resume.

You?re Completely Broke

It can be tough to make a longer-term investment in your career when you?re out of work and running low on cash. But if your number one goal is finding a new job ASAP, a great resume is a powerful tool to have.

You have a choice to make ? either make the investment and hire a professional, or use the extra time you have to learn how to write a great resume yourself.

Can’t afford professional one-on-one consulting? Try our free accounting resume tips, or make a smaller investment in your career, and take a course to learn how to write your own professional quality resume. Click here to find out how (plus you can get the exact accounting resume template I use with my clients).

You Want a Perfect Resume with Zero Effort

Hiring a resume writer isn?t like buying a book. It?s way less work than learning to do everything yourself. But you?ll still need to spend a little time with your resume writer to get the best results.

Usually you?ll be asked to provide your most recent resume and answer some questions about your career goals and work history.

You’re Not Alone

How long would it take you to write a better resume than the pros? Could you throw something together this weekend that would be good enough to land you a new job?

Or would you have to research the different formats, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, and then try to make sense of all the competing information out there?

No one is a master of everything. And there?s nothing wrong with hiring a professional to take care of the things you don?t know how to do, or don?t have time to do yourself.

You already do it every 3,000 miles.

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