LinkedIn System for Accountants

Get the proven LinkedIn system accountants like you are using to meet recruiters and find the best jobs in your area.


Course Overview: Watch the video above for a brief overview of what you’ll learn in this course.

Part 1: Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

In this section you’ll learn how to get started with LinkedIn. Don’t worry, it’s easy! If you can check your email you can use LinkedIn to market yourself professionally, meet new people, and boost your next job search. At the end of this section you’ll have created your very own LinkedIn account.

Lesson 1

Creating Your LinkedIn Account. Start here to create your LinkedIn profile.

Lesson 2

Navigation + Privacy. Find your way around LinkedIn, and how to set up your privacy preferences to help keep your job search a secret.

Lesson 3

Your Profile Basics. Start your profile off right. The right way to add basic work history and personal information to your profile.

Part 2: Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that you have a LinkedIn profile it’s time to add some basic information about yourself. In this section you’ll learn the right way to add your photo, work history, and other important information. At the end of this section you’ll have a basic profile that looks great. And you’ll be ready to move on to the more advanced strategies and tactics that will help you build your network and get noticed (covered in sections 3-4).

Lesson 1

Writing Great Job Descriptions. There’s more to a job description than just copy/pasting your resume. Here’s how it’s done.

Lesson 2

Above the Fold. Catch recruiters’ attention by making sure everything at the top of your profile is optimized. Including your Headline and Summary.

Lesson 3

Grow Your Network. Start the “Connections Snowball” and build your first 25 LinkedIn Connections. Don’t skip this step!

Jumpstart Your Professional Network

Connect with Bob the CPA on LinkedIn

Part 3: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In this section you’ll learn how to make LinkedIn work for you by building your network. Take a peek under the hood to see how the LinkedIn search engine works, and why it’s important to have a large network. Understand first and second degree connections, and how to leverage LinkedIn groups. And keep the “Connections Snowball” rolling to build a powerful professional network over time.

Lesson 1

Making LinkedIn Work for You. See why it’s so important to optimize your profile to help you be found in the LinkedIn search engine. And answer the question, “How many people should I Connect with?”

Lesson 2

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups. How groups boost your chances of being found on LinkedIn. The Top 3 groups I recommend you join right away. And how to change your group settings to avoid spam and inbox overload.

Lesson 3

Getting More Connections via Groups. How to use your new group memberships to find more Connections. And how to limit your connection requests to avoid looking like a robot.

Part 4: Advanced LinkedIn Optimization Tactics

Learn the three letters that could be the difference between success and failure on LinkedIn. Then, discover the easiest ways to find the right words to use in your profile and how to spy on your job search competition. After this section you’ll have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile that’s better than 90% of profiles out there. Congratulations!

Lesson 1

Understanding LinkedIn Optimization. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to use it in your profile. Caution: A little bit goes a long way.

Lesson 2

Finding the Right Words. How to spy on your competition and use job postings to find the right words to optimize your profile.

Lesson 3

Adding Keywords to Your Profile. Discover the “Big wins” in your profile and learn the best places to add the keywords you researched in Lesson 2. Plus, a little trick most people don’t know about.

What Do You Want to Learn Next?

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