7 BIG Mistakes CPA Exam Candidates Make

CPA Exam Candidate Mistakes

Not Deciding If Becoming a CPA Is Right for You Everyone knows the amazing benefits of becoming a CPA — like higher lifetime earnings and faster career advancement. The truth is it’s not the right path for everyone. The flip side of those benefits is a very real cost to actually get certified.  It’s difficult and time consuming to become … Read More

Top Reasons to Become a CPA (High salary is just the start)

The CPA Exam is hard, expensive, and takes over your life for months. And it was totally worth it! Becoming a CPA is the most reliable way to reach your accounting career goals. Still on the fence? Here?s some of the top benefits of becoming a CPA. Salary and Job Opportunities Earn up to 10-15% higher salary than your non-CPA … Read More

CPA Exam Requirements: Are You CPA Eligible?

The requirements to become a CPA include an education requirement, a difficult professional licensing exam, ethics training, and professional work experience. Specific requirements vary by state, so visit your state’s Board of Accountancy before beginning your CPA journey. Education requirements: At least a bachelor?s degree and 150 credit hours (including relevant Accounting courses) Pass the Uniform CPA Exam😕 Complete the … Read More

CPA Exam Accessibility: Representation Matters

I think we all know that CPAs are integral to the workforce. From acting as the eyes and ears for a company ? identifying risk, cost savings, and strategies to reduce overhead, to navigating through tough economic times, a good Certified Public Accountant ensures that smart accounting decisions are made. But did you know that African Americans make up only … Read More

8 Accounting Careers Nobody Told You About

UPDATE:? Listen to real accountants give you a behind-the-scenes look at their unique accounting careers on The Abacus Show. Passing the CPA exam makes the most sense for auditors, accountants, and finance managers. It?s required for advancement in most financial careers, and is highly sought after by the Big 4 accounting firms when they look for potential hires. But, career … Read More

CPA vs. CMA: What?s best for you?

Are you a current or future accountant looking to understand the difference between the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and?Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certifications? If so, you?ve come to the right place. In this article we?ll break down the main differences and present key factors to help you decide between the two designations. Without further ado, let?s get started. What are … Read More

Career Options for New CPAs

Think that once you?ve earned your CPA certification, finding a career will be simple? Maybe if you’re lucky, but the truth is that accounting can be a competitive career field, and it can take a long time to get he right job offer. Getting your CPA is an important first move, but it is by no means the only step … Read More