Accountants: Stop Chasing Resume Trends

Accounting Resume Trends

The #1 hot new resume trend for 2020 is...

The same as last year. And the 50 years before that...

Despite what a journalist with no recruiting, hiring, or resume writing experience might say, there is no amazing new resume format that will get you the job you want.

The truth is online news sites need new articles every day. And they know a new article about resumes is always sure to attract readers.

Their only goal is to get you to read more articles on the website, not to give you useful information. They’re entertainment, not practical or actionable career advice. You wouldn’t be qualified to open a restaurant after watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, right?

But the only way to write another article about resumes is to pretend there's some great new way of doing things. So they hype, and they exaggerate, and they keep writing.

Plus, have you ever looked at who is writing these advice columns? Are they qualified to tell you what really works for accountants today? Or are they career journalists, who’ve never written a resume, let alone hired a CPA?

So don't buy into these fads. They're nothing more than an attempt to get you to read another article so some web site can make a couple cents in advertising.

Leave the flashy resumes to artists and graphic designers. Follow some simple resume best practices. Keep it simple and professional. Make it easy to read and understand. And save time by start with an industry-standard, proven resume template. Then spend your time practicing for all the interviews you're lining up.

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