How to Buy Holiday Gifts for Your Coworkers

Choosing the right holiday gifts for your boss stressing you out??Not sure what to buy for Carol in Accounting?

Who do you actually need to buy gifts for? How much should you spend (or how much are you expected to spend)? Is giving your boss a gift even appropriate?

Gift-giving at the office can seem confusing if there are no set rules. Use this as your holiday gift guide for coworkers so you can stress less and enjoy the season.

Office Appropriate Gifts

First, understand that you should never feel obligated to purchase a gift — especially something out of your price range. Your coworkers shouldn?t be concerned with the price tag on anything you give, so don?t bust your budget in order to try to impress.

It really is the thought that counts! Simply taking the time to show you thought about the others in your office will go a long way. It?s a kind, considerate gesture.

That being said, it?s not appropriate to give someone a present in an effort to win favor or as a bribe. The right, appropriate gift will be one that shows you appreciate and respect the recipient.

It shouldn?t be too personal, and needs to be acceptable in an office environment. The item you give should never leave your coworkers feeling embarrassed or offended when they open the gift or when others see it.

When Should You Give a Present?

If you work in a small office with just a few coworkers, you might want to consider giving presents to all the employees. It?s really easy to leave someone feeling left out when there are only a few people in the office.

If your company is much bigger, you may want to focus your gift-giving to your boss and those you work most closely with on a regular basis.

In either situation, only give your presents to the recipients during office hours if you have something for everyone. If you?re only providing gifts to a few individuals, make plans to do so after hours.

Buying for Bosses (or Hard-to-Please Coworkers)

You may feel added pressure to select the perfect gift for your boss, supervisor, or manager. But you need to follow the same rules that you would when buying for a coworker: be thoughtful, sincere, and not too personal.

Keep it office appropriate — and don?t attempt to impress or woo your supervisor with an excessive gift.

If you?re not sure where to start, try to stick with items that are thoughtful but not too specific or unusual. Get your boss (or a hard-to-buy-for coworker) a gift card and make it more personable by getting it from a store you know they love.

Or go homemade and bring in baked goods like cookies or candies. This option is best saved for those in the office you have a fairly close relationship with.

If these guidelines aren?t enough, check out our suggested gifts for various coworkers and personalities in your office below to take all the hassle out of your holidays:

For the Caffeine Addict

A great gift for coffee lovers: the ability to keep that mug of caffeine from getting cold on the desk. Grab a desktop coffee warmer for any mug, or get fancy and choose an option that comes with a mug that fits perfectly on the warmer. You can also throw in a fun mug that changes with the temperature of the liquid it holds.

For the Joker

If you have a coworker with a sense of humor and a penchant for office supplies, any product from retailer Knock Knock is sure to be a hit.

For the Bookworm

Also from Knock Knock, this personal library kit is a fun gift for any book lover in your office. And of course, you can?t go wrong with gifting books or a gift card to the local bookstore, either.

For the Foodie

Know a coworker who appreciates all things food (or just sweets)? You can order a box of famous candymaker See?s chocolates for them, or other treats you know they enjoy.

For the Tech Obsessed

Help your gadget-loving coworker get through the cold weather months with a set of smarttouch gloves. These allow you to operate touchscreen devices without exposing your hands to frigid temperatures and are available in men?s and women?s sizes. You can also help your coworker keep their tech nice and clean with a set of Schatzii Smart Cloths.

For the Laid-Back Office Mate

If you have a friend in the office who loves to keep calm and stress-free, you can gift this relaxing travel tea kit. Or give small tinned candles that will fit neatly on a nicely organized desk.

For the World Traveler

Have a coworker who does most of the business travel in the office? Provide them a whimsical luggage tag so their bags are easier to spot at baggage claim. (You can also give them a luggage tag that?s a little more practical.) For international travelers, a passport cover to protect their most important travel document.