Truth About Why Recruiters Contact You on LinkedIn

Do you get frustrated by seemingly random requests to Connect on LinkedIn? You’re not alone. Most of these requests come from recruiters – Here’s the most common reasons they want to Connect, and why you should usually accept. Like a Job Search Every Day It’s important to understand where recruiters are coming from. They’re performing a necessary service, and trying to … Read More

Is Sitting All Day Slowly Killing You?

If you’re like most Americans, your typical workday involves doing a whole lot of sitting. Over 80% of American workers have jobs that require almost no movement or physical activity. Your desk job has never seemed dangerous. Could it really be slowly killing you by forcing you to sit all day? What Happens When We Sit All Day Here’s what happens to you when … Read More

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Phone interviews are the first step in the hiring process these days. Do you know how to make yours a success? The hiring manager screens you over a quick 30 minute phone, and decides if you should be invited into the office for a face to face interview. This saves time and money for the company, but it makes it harder for you … Read More

How To Keep Your Mistakes From Becoming Failures

Fail often. Fall flat on your face. Break something because you were trying to make it better. It’s important to understand and accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes. You’re not so special that you can skate through life with a rainbow following behind. Everyone screws up. What’s important is what you do after a screw-up. Learn From Your Mistakes Mistakes are only … Read More

How to Start Your New Job With A Bang

We’ve all played a variation of a card game where one of the cards is designated as the “wild card.” It’s the best card to get because it beats every other card. What if you could have your very own professional wild card? One that allows you to ask any question (no matter how silly or obvious) and get a thoughtful … Read More

How to Send a Follow Up Email

Your coworkers get hundreds of emails every day and almost everyone is awful at managing their email. Just because you sent an email doesn’t mean the other person read it or that they’ll do what you ask. Find out exactly how to send a follow up email, and get the results you want when communicating with your bosses and coworkers. An … Read More

Hofstadter’s Law (Stuff Takes Longer Than You Think)

One truth in project management is that everything will take longer than expected. Everyone knows it, but we all ignore it. Maybe it’s optimism. Maybe just self-delusion, but we always think we’ll get things done more quickly and efficiently than we actually do. It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law – Douglas Hofstadter … Read More

How to Avoid Becoming a Jerk Boss

Keep a running list of behaviors you’ve seen in managers, co-workers, mentors and friends. What behaviors do you want to emulate to be successful? What must you remember to avoid? Use this list throughout your career as a starting point for career development and personal growth. Keep reading to discover how to create yours today. What’s a Delta-Sigma File? No, it’s not … Read More

How to Have a Great First Day at a New Job

It’s your first day at a new job – maybe even your very first job. You’re tired, nervous and want to start off on the right foot. As every high school football coach used to say, “Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” First impressions start long before you meet your new coworkers. Start preparing now by finding out as much as you can … Read More

How Can “The Essential Drucker” Help You?

A compilation with over 60 years of the best writings from one of the most celebrated executive and managerial teachers ever. Known as the “father of modern management” and a business philosopher, Drucker is most well-known for his book “The Effective Executive” and for coining the term “knowledge worker.” This compilation was published a few years before Mr. Drucker passed … Read More