Should I Write “CPA” in My Resume Header?

Accounting Resume Header

Catching accounting recruiters’ attention is easier than you think…If you’re a certified public accountant, just put the letters “CPA” after your name at the top of your resume. Start getting more interviews by making it easy for them to know you’re a qualified candidate, without having to read your entire resume. Plus, get the added benefit of making it through … Read More

How Often Should I Update My Accounting Resume?

Up to Date Accounting Resume

It?s easy to ignore your resume when you?re happily employed But your resume isn?t a static document. It highlights your accomplishments over your whole career. And you need to keep it up to date. In fact, I recommend updating your resume every quarter (yep, 4x per year). Don?t worry, it only takes 15-2 minutes, and you?ll thank me next time … Read More

Accountants: Stop Chasing Resume Trends

Accounting Resume Trends

The #1 hot new trend in resumes this year is… The same as last year. And the 50 years before that…
Despite what a journalist with no recruiting, hiring, or resume writing experience might say, there is no amazing new resume format that will get you the job you want.
The truth is online news sites need new articles every day. And they know a new article about resumes is always sure to attract readers.
But the only way to write another article about resumes is to pretend there’s some great new way of doing things. So they hype, and they exaggerate, and they keep writing.

27+ Accounting Career Resources for Busy CPAs

Accounting Career Helpful Links

Hey fellow accountants — Do you want to be the best, no matter where your career path takes you, but don’t know where to start? I?ve done the hard work for you, and collected the top blogs, podcasts, books, and videos to help you at any stage of your career?- Whether you’re a seasoned CPA, or fresh out of school. … Read More

How to Write an Interview Thank You Email

You just spent half a day interviewing for a great job. You knew all the right answers, and asked great questions. Odds are you?re one of the top contenders for the job. Want to know an easy way to make yourself look even better??Send the interviewer a personalized thank you note. It?s no secret, but it makes you look great … Read More

How to Find the Best Accounting Recruiters

Find the best accounting recruiters

Recruiting manager Jarred VandeMark shares the inside scoop on how to find the best recruiters in your area in this Abacus exclusive interview. Plus, how’s the Accounting Job Market look leading into 2016? All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

How to Find Government Accounting Jobs

Looking to expand your career opportunities and serve your country in a unique way? Consider applying for jobs with the federal government. Working in government isn?t limited to political or military careers. The federal government provides many positions in a variety of fields — you can find listings for nearly any administrative, professional, or technical job from administrative assistant to … Read More

How to Avoid Losing Your Vacation Days

Are you one of the many Americans who only use about half of your vacation time??Or part of the 60% of employees who admit to working while on vacation? Your vacation days, sick time, and personal days are yours, in just the same way as the money in your paycheck. Paid time off is a company benefit and part of … Read More

How to Buy Holiday Gifts for Your Coworkers

Choosing the right holiday gifts for your boss stressing you out??Not sure what to buy for Carol in Accounting? Who do you actually need to buy gifts for? How much should you spend (or how much are you expected to spend)? Is giving your boss a gift even appropriate? Gift-giving at the office can seem confusing if there are no … Read More