Burnout in Public Accounting: Warning Signs and How to Get Help

Burnout in public accounting

Suffering From Burnout in Public Accounting? Stress & resilience coach Paula Davis-Laack opens up about a topic that’s still taboo in the accounting industry, especially during busy season. Learn how to recognize and deal with burnout. Then, in today’s coaching note, I’ll tell you about an easy way to gain more free time and reduce stress when you’re putting in long hours at the office. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

Careers in Media Revenue Reporting

Accounting careers in revenue reporting

There’s a lot more to an accounting career than tax/audit. Ever wondered what your career options are? Discover new and unique career paths with me as I find accountants with cool jobs and ask them to tell you all about it. Today Andrew Rosen works with almost every major Radio and TV station in the country. Find out how he got there, and the lessons he learned along the way. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

Accounting Is Going Digital – What You Need to Know

Accounting going digital

What will the firm of 2025 look like? Accounting futurist Chris Hooper (Accodex, Going Concern, TEDx) stops by to share his vision for the future of accounting. Hear why Chris took his first accounting job (hint: not because he loved accounting), and the single best way for accounting students to start your careers off right. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s Go!

Technology Changes In the Accounting Industry

Technology changes in accounting industry

Think your job is safe from technology changes? Author, speaker, and small firm CEO Jody Padar shares her vision of the radical ways technology will change the accounting profession. Learn how you can stand out and thrive in times of technology change, and how to avoid becoming obsolete. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s go!

Find Free Accounting CPE Online

Free CPE courses for accountants

Discover how to use the internet to get all your CPE hours for free. Then my guests Matt and Jamie will tell you about a new tool they?re building to take the hassle out of tracking your hours. And finally, I?ll show you an easy way to stay safe online. All in this episode of Abacus. Let?s go!

What to Expect at Your First Accounting Job

Research shows that happiness is largely dependent on whether or not our expectations are met. If I promise you $500, but only gave you $50 you’ll be furious.?But if I promised you $10 and then gave you $50 you’re thrilled. With this in mind I?ll begin by telling you exactly what to expect for the first 3-5 years of your … Read More

Career Advice from Watching My Dad

Happy Father?s Day! I was incredibly lucky to grow up with my Dad as a role model. I’ve learned more from him than any other person and I wouldn’t be half as successful as I am without his help and guidance. Today I’m going to share with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my Dad over … Read More

Accounting Career Tips: Be Nice to Recruiters

Accounting Recruiters

Recruiter Cold Calls – You seem to get them constantly when you’re not looking for a job, but never right after you’ve been laid off. In my younger years I was a bit of a jerk to the accounting/finance recruiters. I’d rudely hang up, or tell them to leave me alone. But now I’ve gone through a few job searches.?I’m … Read More

LinkedIn for Accountants: Yes, Get on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Accountants

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform.?And it’s a powerful job search tool for accountants who learn how to use it.?But you don’t have to spend hours tweaking your profile to become a LinkedIn pro. Just take 10 minutes: Sign up for an account Add a professional photo And enter the basics about your current job Then come back … Read More

How to Find Accounting Jobs on Indeed.com

Accounting Jobs on Indeed

Finding the best accounting/finance jobs can be?tough. Have you tried using Indeed.com to help find the best roles? Not only is Indeed easy to search, but according to SilkRoad, Indeed produces 50% of external hires. Twice as many as CareerBulder, LinkedIn, and Monster combined. Indeed is so useful because of its large job database. This makes it both a wonderful … Read More