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The Very Best of The Abacus Show

  • Chart your career path

    Experienced accountants give you behind the scenes access to help you find your place in the accounting profession. Learn about new and unique jobs you never knew existed.

  • Learn new skills

    Debits/credits are table stakes in your career. Learn the soft skills you need to get promoted or land a new job.

  • Accounting Job Search

    Get expert advice to help you plan you next career move, and land the job you want.

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"Finally, an accounting podcast that isn't boring..."

Massively listenable, helpful, and easy to digest.
-- Sfan991

Like the variety, insightful notes from the host, nicely edited and I learn something new from each eipsode.
-- TheLifestyleAccountant

Great podcast for college students pursuing a career in accounting
-- VC11592

Finally a great podcast for accountants!
-- MarizaAbroad

Great production, thoughtful interviews, and insightful guests - NOT what I expected from an "accounting podcast." Keep those episodes coming, Bob!
-- jazic1

Very well done, smooth format and professional. Lots of info, a great listen.
-- Maggie20156

A high energy and well produced podcast.
-- camshaftcollins

This podcast is everything you need.
-- baddriver9599


About The Abacus Show

Accounting Career Podcast

Learn everything you need to know to have a successful and fulfilling accounting career. Kick butt in your job (productivity, soft skills, communication), find a better new job (resume, LinkedIn, recruiters, how to interview), or plan your long-term career (goals, lifelong learning).

Abacus is hosted by Bob the CPA, a Big 4 alum with over a decade of accounting/finance experience. Hear from really smart people, learn from their experience, and avoid the mistakes they've made. Plus discover some of the most interesting accounting jobs you didn't even know existed.


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